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Rajmachi Fireflies Trek and Camping

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Rajmachi Fireflies Trek Information:

  • ‘Rajmachi trek and Camping’- the name itself tells what this trek is most famous for in Maharashtra. One of the wonders you will witness on this trek is watching Fireflies at night. The environment here in Sahyadri hills is very favorable for fireflies to live and flourish. During Rajmachi camping at night, you can easily enjoy nature’s light show by playing with them while the little creatures will amuse you, the whole night. Stargazing during the night camping on this fort would nurture the astronomical interest in one. The Rajmachi trek will be a lifetime experience for you.
  • Rajmachi fort is one of the many forts that has been cuddled by Sahyadri mountains with its rugged and lush green arms in western ghats which is the world biodiversity heritage site. The fort is 2700 ft. above the sea which promises the most scenic view of westerns ghats and their flora-fauna along with the backwaters of the Shirota dam. Rajmachi fortification comprises two forts- Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan fort. Shrivardhan fort was used as a watchtower due to its height (3000 ft.) while Manaranjan fort is comparatively low in height but one can enjoy views of Karnala fort from here.
  • From the roots of Indian history, it is found that the Rajmachi fort was built as a defensive fort to have a lookout on Bor Ghats since this is a significant route for traders to reach Mumbai, an important trade center in the west. Because of its significant importance, it has a very interesting history. This fort was built by Satavahana who established their kingdom after the decline of the Mourya Empire. The fort came to light when Shivaji became the king of Marathas. In the year 1657, Shivaji fought with Adilshaha and brought this fort under his control. In 1704, after the death of Sambhaji Maharaj (son of Shivaji Maharaj), the Mughals attacked the fort and took it under control only to lose it again to Marathas when they attacked it in the following year. In the 19th century, the Maratha dynasty started declining, and finally, in the year 1818, this fort was under British-India rule.
  • After India’s independence, this fort was announced as an ancient heritage place and a protected monument in Maharashtra. Different Buddhist caves, manmade water storage tanks, temples, ruined complexes, walls of forts attract a lot of archeological, architectural, and historical enthusiasts. Apart from the historical and architectural brilliance, one would surely fall in love with the beauty of nature and the surrounding in which this fort has perched. As Rajmachi fort is situated midway between Pune and Mumbai, and just a few km away from the all-time favorite Lonavala hill station, it’s one of the best trekking places in Mumbai. In short, the Rajmachi fort fireflies trek and Camping is the all-in-one package to get one step closer to nature and experience it thoroughly.
  • With time, the fort has developed its identity and came up with the new identity as ‘Rajmachi Trek’. It attracts trekkers from all around the world to enjoy the trails that are an indivisible part of the Western Ghats. It also excites the novice trekkers more because of its easy to moderate difficulty level but an exhausting trail at the same time. Generally, it takes two days to completely explore this trek as a result ‘Rajmachi camping’ becomes a synergistic part of this trek. After getting exhausted by exploring the trek on day 1, camping at night encourages your energy level to explore unexplored parts of this trek on day 2. Rajmachi trek and Rajmachi camping together make a complete package which you are looking for to spend your valuable holidays in nature’s surroundings.
  • Witnessing the sunrise and the sunset from the fort during Rajmachi camping is a mesmerizing memory that can be preserved for the years to come. It also helps you to experience the fascinating night at Sahyadri hills by witnessing the fireflies during Rajmachi camping. The fort has witnessed a lot of mesmerizing treks and campings but still waiting for you to come and enjoy its glorious legacy.
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